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This is a fun drawing game that you can play online with your friends, with each player at a different computer or on their own phone.

You'll want to be in communication with your friends with video or voice chats, or in the same room or talking on the phone if you're on your phones. There's really no point in playing with people you can't talk to. One player can start the game and tell the generated join code to everyone else.

This game is untimed, so you'll have to enforce time limits informally over your communication interface if you want to enforce such things, that is, yell at other players to hurry up.

Back and refresh buttons in your browser may not function as expected during your time here, and I'd avoid using them. Zooming the screen is highly encouraged to get the viewport comfortable for you.

USE AN UPDATED AND MODERN BROWSER! This webpage, like most of my creations, uses lots of html5 canvas functions, which only Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge fully support. I have tested this game on those browsers extensively and things work as expected. There are known issues on Firefox and Safari, and I'll add more to that list as I have opportunity to find out, but I'm not going to code a bunch of exceptions into this for browsers not meeting standards that are 7 years old. Sorry, not sorry. (This goes for mobile browsers, too. Use Chrome or Edge.)

What would you like to do?

Here is a lovely random example from the Hall of Fame:
This is Jason's drawing of Dracula, having a snowball fight on top of Big Ben, drawn on 2022-01-02.