Welcome to Picture Slither!

by J. Ryan Opp

What is it?

Slitherlink is a type of logic puzzle in which you must determine whether each edge is present or
missing throughout the board to make one enclosing fence. Numbers in certain cells tell you how many
fence segments surround that cell and act as clues.

My picture version of these puzzles says that if you shade in the inner and outer parts of the fence dark
and light respectively, you will get a picture. In order to make these pictures recognizeable, these
puzzles are quite large. They also start out very difficult, but you can add more clues in the menu.

I would recommend that if you've never done a slitherlink before, you try a few on one of these sites:
Easier Puzzles
Harder Puzzles
Then give mine a try. Click on everything in the interface to see what it does. If you have any questions
or comments, leave them here:
RyTracer Games Facebook Group

Further instructions are below the puzzle selection.

Select a Puzzle:

Name Artist Date Added Pattern Number of Edges
Avengers J. Ryan Opp 8-31-2020 Floret Pentagons 4635
Dinosaurs J. Ryan Opp 3-6-2020 Cairo Pentagons 2167
Distracted Boyfriend J. Ryan Opp 8-31-2021 Floret Pentagons 1966
Dopefish J. Ryan Opp 3-6-2020 Squares 1292
Gotham City J. Ryan Opp 3-6-2020 Snub Squares 930
Hylian Shield J. Ryan Opp 3-6-2020 Deltoid Trihexagons 2964
Mario J. Ryan Opp 3-6-2020 Squares 1453
Muppets J. Ryan Opp 3-6-2020 Cairo Pentagons 2340
Pinky and the Brain J. Ryan Opp 3-6-2020 Squares 3693
Scooby Doo J. Ryan Opp 2-11-2022 Snub Squares 1754
Spock J. Ryan Opp 3-6-2020 Squares 994
Terry Pratchett J. Ryan Opp 3-6-2020 Squares 1096
Woman Yelling at Cat J. Ryan Opp 3-12-2020 Deltoid Trihexagons 1794
Yoda J. Ryan Opp 3-6-2020 Snub Squares 1122

Further Instructions:

Clicking the arrows moves the view.

In the upper-right and and lower-right are the zoom buttons.

In the lower left is the Click Mode Toggle. This says what type of segment (a line or X) will be placed when you
click. If you're on a phone, your left thumb can keep toggling the switch while you click throughout the puzzle.
If you have the luxury of using a mouse, a right click does the opposite of whatever the toggle says.

In the upper left is the menu. Click to open. At the moment, "Stats" does nothing. "Add Clues" makes the puzzle
easier by adding some clues. You can click this up to 9 times before it doesn't do anything. The new clues will be
highlighted so you can find areas to explore again. Use this liberally without remorse. The starting puzzle is
extremely difficult, and I'd rather you get to the picture at the end than worry about your score. "Quit" takes you
back to this page.

The numbers 1-4 in the menu are for guessing. Number 1 is the base solving mode. You can go into guessing mode by
clicking "2". Then you will make blue guesses in the puzzle to test theories. If you want to remove all the
guesses, hit "2" again. It will take away all but your first click since you were in the mode so you can remember
the start of your chain of reason. You'll have to deal with that one yourself. The higher guessing modes work the
same way. If you click down a guessing mode from your current mode, your guesses will be solidified in the lower

Except in guessing modes, the puzzle will be automatically shaded as you go. As soon as you connect your chain of
marks to an edge, the program will determine which side of the fence all applicable cells are. This can be
distracting, but a very useful tool as well. Remember that the medium tone is for unknown cells and should not be
confused with the dark and light tones. If red cells pop up, be sure to deal with your errors before moving on or
more errors will just pop up. The shader is only as good as the information it is given. The puzzle is solved
when the shade of every cell is correct. Any marks you are missing will be automatically added at that time so
you don't have to hunt them all down.

These puzzles are very large! You will not be able to solve them in one sitting. Therefore, your progress is
checked and saved every 100 clicks. A message will appear telling you if you're right or wrong when these points
are reached. Only correct boards are saved and locked, meaning sometimes you won't be able to click to remove an
existing line or X. That's okay, it must be right. You can revert to a saved game at any time by clicking the "1"
when you're already in guess mode 1.

Have fun, and enjoy the pictures. If you would like to make your own pictures to be turned into puzzles on this
webpage, we should talk. ryan dot opp at gmail dot com.