What is a Flexagon?

It's origami (paper folding fun) that hides secret faces that must be folded (or "flexed") to be revealed. The term "flexagon" is actually a broad category, so technically we're making "hexahexaflexagons" (meaning six unique pictures on a six-sided shape) here on this webpage. Do an internet search and you'll find countless videos and webpages on how to construct and use these fun geometric paper toys.

What's this webpage for?

The usual way that most internet sites and videos have you do this is folding the paper first, and decorating afterward with crayons, markers, colored pencils, etc., because if you're going for a printed version from digital artwork or photos, it is tedious to cut the images apart and put the panels in the correct locations and orientations so that the finished product works. That's where I come in...

I like making these for people, and so I created this program to streamline the process. You can hide six photos of your family, friends, or significant other in a hexahexaflexagon and give them as a gift or make them together with others as a fun crafty activity. Or if your friends and family aren't photogenic, I'm sure their favorite movie or book characters are (just don't sell your creations, lol).

All you need is this website, some digital images, a printer, a sheet of 8.5" x 11" paper per flexagon, some scissors, and invisible tape. Use the tools below to get your pictures the way you like, then click the generate button. Save the image it gives you (it may take a moment), and print it out somewhere. Then use the instructions below that to construct it! Have fun!


P.S. The most prominent pictures will be A, B, and C, so put your favorites there. Those three have two forward target possibilities, as well as one going backward, whereas the other three dead-end after being reached, only allowing backward moves. There is a chart illustrating this below.

P.P.S. Also be aware of putting important elements of an image (like people's faces) across seams between panels. As you get better at the origami aspect, this becomes less of an issue and it sometimes depends on which of the six faces it's on as well, as the distribution of extra paper under each panel changes with each hidden face. There will be some trial and error.

P.P.P.S. All the image processing happens in the browser of whatever device you are visiting this website on. All the code is client-side. Therefore, you don't upload your personal photos to my server or anything, and so I can't see them, etc. Rest easy.