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by J. Ryan Opp

What is it?

Einstein Puzzles (named after Einstein but it is unlikely they were invented by him) are a type of logic puzzle in which you must determine the various unique characteristics of several characters (in this case 9 characters) across several atrributes (in this case 8 attributes) using clues that tell you positive and negative associations of various characteristics, such as "The Englishman lives in the red house" or "The Spaniard does not own a dog".

You've probably seen logic puzzles like these before, and solved them with Xs and Os on a 2-dimensional chart. However, making these puzzles quite large and running a solver on a generated puzzle until all of the remaining clues are important can lead to very difficult solutions. These difficult puzzles are much easier if you use a different picture-based method to deduce certain characteristics by the process of elimination.

If there are going to be tiny pictures involved and modular characteristics in the clues, I thought it would be fun to tell randomly-generated fanfic stories in some of my favorite IPs. This web game is the result of that idea. Further instructions are in a slideshow once you start one of the themes below.

Theme Selection

Pessimal's Puzzle (Discworld)

Return of the Rise of the Revenge of the Awakened Phantom Hope (Star Wars)

League Of Super Extremely Righteous Superheroes (Superheroes)